Time and Place

By Sophie Dahl

This is photograph of my girlfriend Olga Liriano, and a guy whose name she sadly can’t remember, taken at Eric Goode’s nightclub, Area, in New York in the 1980’s.

I love everything about the photograph, her expression, her gloves, his expression, the innocent, joyful sauciness – but most – its ability to convey a sense of time and place in such a finite, youthful way.

Sophie Dahl began her career as a fashion model. In 2003 she wrote bestselling ‘The Man With The Dancing Eyes’, followed by a novel in 2007, ‘Playing With The Grownups’. She was a long term contributing editor at British Vogue, and has written for US Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, The Observer, The Guardian and The Times and served as a Orange Prize For Fiction judge. A devoted home cook, she wrote ‘Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights’, in 2009 before writing/presenting ‘The Delicious Miss Dahl’ for BBC2. In 2011 she wrote and presented a BBC2 documentary about Isabella Beeton, shortly after her second cook book, ‘From Season To Season’ was published. Dahl is a contributing editor at Conde Nast Traveller, and has recently finished two children’s books, scheduled for publication in 2018. She lives in the country with her husband, two young daughters, rescue dog, cat and tortoise.