Adam Reed

Adam’s work on the front line of hair dressing has taken him all over the world, tousling and taming the locks of some of the world’s fashion and beauty icons. It’s not all about name dropping, but Diane Kruger, Sophie Dahl and a few VIP beauty editors from the likes of Glamour, Elle and Grazia are clients – and when they’ve got a hair feature coming up, he’s the one they call. Adam takes his energy and inspiration from the fast-paced, buzzing atmosphere of a fashion show or shoot. In fact, he’s a walking, talking text book of fashion history and uses his knowledge to develop modern takes on classic styles. But he also uses his twenty years of top salon experience to help others, working hard to train the next generation of stylists from around the world. An out and out perfectionist, no detail is too small and no style too big and ambitious for Adam. But it’s all beautifully balanced with an appreciation of where high fashion meets high street; where every day meets that day in a lifetime. A typical day for Adam might involve opening up the salon, taking care of one of his regular clients at 8am, then rushing off to a studio to get Jools Oliver even more gorgeous for a magazine shoot. Then it’s back to the studio for a client with a red carpet to dazzle later that evening. He loves a good book. He loves it even more if he happens to be reading it on a deserted beach in Thailand. And when he’s not creating in the studio, he can often be found creating in the kitchen, mixing one part sensational food with two parts scissor-sharp wit to make an entertaining evening for friends. Want to know a little secret? Okay. Now, we’re not saying Adam is a shoe obsessive, but his collection would make even Imelda Marcos swoon (and we’ll give you a tenner if you ever spot him wearing the same pair twice). Even his dog, Coco, loses track of how many pairs there are.