I’ve always thought that most of life happens at the kitchen table, that a kitchen table bears the story of a family.

Mine has seen birthday cakes, homework, book reading, deadlines, joy, arguments, laughter: the shorthand of domestic life. I was proposed to at a kitchen table. I’ve thrown plates over one (but not for a few years). I’ve laughed, cried, smoked, written books and put the world to rights at one. The kitchen table is one of the places where I am happiest.

This website began as an archive, a place to put work that was sitting in the attic. It morphed into something far more exciting, something collaborative, a place where it’s not just my voice creaking on, but instead a lovely, eclectic group of people, primarily women, and a few great men, who all have a story to tell. Something fizzing away inside of them.

Children’s rights, tiramisu, mermaids and make-up, feminist issues, fudge, human issues, scent, cashmere and books… I wanted to create a kind of virtual Sunday lunch table, with excellent guests; one that was warm and inclusive, that a reader could dip in and out of, month by month. A place that became familiar.

So at this table, there’s a lot of cake. There’s good coffee. Sometimes there’s tequila. There are babies on knees, there’s probably a dog or a cat skittling underfoot. There’s likely some Nina Simone playing. There are blowsy flowers. There are flaws there, chipped china, bruised hearts and conundrums. There’s also a roof beam raising sense of happiness. Some slow cooked stew laced with a dirty laugh. You are welcome there.

A kitchen table for me is the hearthstone of family. A place of connection and comfort. It represents so very much.

So at this table, there's a lot of cake. There are babies on knees, there's probably a dog or a cat skittling underfoot. ”

Sophie Dahl began her career as a fashion model. In 2003 she wrote bestselling ‘The Man With The Dancing Eyes’, followed by a novel in 2007, ‘Playing With The Grownups’. She was a long term contributing editor at British Vogue, and has written for US Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, The Observer, The Guardian and The Times and served as a Orange Prize For Fiction judge. A devoted home cook, she wrote ‘Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights’, in 2009 before writing/presenting ‘The Delicious Miss Dahl’ for BBC2. In 2011 she wrote and presented a BBC2 documentary about Isabella Beeton, shortly after her second cook book, ‘From Season To Season’ was published. Dahl is a contributing editor at Conde Nast Traveller, and has recently finished two children’s books, scheduled for publication in 2018. She lives in the country with her husband, two young daughters, rescue dog, cat and tortoise.